To start building your site visualize it as follows:
The top of the page, called the header, is made up of three sections.

1 - The middle of the top is usually a graphic but can also simply be text that you input using the CMS. The header graphic, if you have one must be named: HEADER.JPG The header graphic gets uploaded to your website server via CMS also.

On each side of the header graphic is an optional left header and an optional right header. They can be used to display a logo, acreditation, a small movie or a music player. If you don't plan on using any of these items you will not activate the left and/or right headers.

You must select the menu items that you want to appear across the top (under the header graphic). That will be done in the form by checking the items that you want. There is a explaination next to each check box stating what each menu item provides. The selection of the menu items may be changed at any time.

2 - There are two optional menus that appear on the left and/or right side of the center or main content of the page. These are verticle menus and each one can have up to four main headings and up to 15 menu items under each heading.

3 - The center has the main content of the website. Each page is different and will appear in the middle of the web page. You can place text, pictures or both in this section. You will be able to place the text and pictures in different places using a table similar to a table that you might put in a word processor.