Please read our Refund Policy before making a payment.

To authorize automatic payments or to make a single payment you must send an email to that gives Thourough Solutions, Inc. the authority to charge your credit card.

To make it easy you can copy and paste the wording by following these three steps:

1 - Click on [Copy to Clipboard] below for the payment type that you are authorizing, either monthly or one-time.

Payment Type 1 - Automatic Monthly Charge
I am authorizing Thorough Solutions, Inc. to automatically charge my monthly invoice amount to my credit card on file.

Payment Type 2 - One Time Charge
I am making a one-time payment and do not authroize any additional charges.
I realize that failure to make a timely payment of my invoice will result in a disruption of service(s).

2 - Click on the email link and paste the clipboard into the email message section. Email link: (to paste, use Edit > Paste or press [Ctrl] [v] at the same time.)

3 - Click HERE to Continue to complete the payment form and use either Master, Visa or a check. Remember to enter your domain name and/or invoice number in the "Comment" section of the payment formt.

Note: You will be linked to a SECURE site (https://) for payment.
Always verify that you are in a secure site (https://) before entering personal or financial information over the Internet.  

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